Hello, I´m Santiago Pani

(1990), Mexican artist currently living and working in the Netherlands. 

Recently I have focused on the Portrait series “Personal Universe”, which is inspired by anonymous characters and memories of people stored in our subconscious throughout our lives and the idea that sometimes while awake and other times during our dreams, these anonymous visitors will be recalled by our minds to interact and influence our story once again.

Lately I have found myself very connected to these concepts and ideas, which makes the production of these pieces be very organic and visceral.

I´m part of the artist initiative Arthouse which has two residencies under its wing, Arthouse Holland (NL) and Arthouse Pani (MEX) and organizes projects like the Arthouse 1606 residency and #sketch x4.

Join me and become part of the family on my Residency Projects


"Here you can download a free coloring book, enjoy it


Solo Show at ÓVALO Gallery

Mexico City



Sometimes, the final result is not the most important, but the creative process that got you there.

when we draw "an eye" we do not actually draw an eye, we draw our idea of an eye; We abstract the necessary for it to become what we want it to be.


On Paper

"I grew up surrounded

by abstract works" 

On Canvas




"Finding that moment when a shape stops being itself and becomes Me


"Abstraction became

a language

I speak" 



"Shapeless forms & stains, created by chance and myself 




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"Here you can download a free coloring book, enjoy it